Lincoln Abes Youth Football

2014 Jamboree

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Practice begins July 7th at 5:30pm at First Creek MS
It's that time of year again...the Lil'Abes youth football teams will start practice on Monday, July 7 at 5:30pm at First Creek Middle School. There are only 3-6 spots available left per team so don't miss out! If you have n
Youth Football Camp (June 23, 25, 27, 2014)
The Lil' Abes youth football camp will be held at Portland Ave Park on Monday, June 23, Wednesday, June 25, and Friday, June 27 from 5:30-7:00pm. This camp is free and open to all kids in grades 3rd-7th. Contact Coach Chris at 253 592-7437 for more i
ANNOUNCEMENT: 2014 Lincoln Abes Youth Football Registration
Author: Chris Wells
We will offer 4th-7th grade teams for the 2014 season with 20 players per team. Players who participated last season will have priority registration from March 3-24, 2014. After March 24th, our registration will be open to all who would like to play.
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Chris Wells just posted a photo 2013 Team Photos
Chris Wells just posted a photo 2013 Team Photos
Chris Wells just posted a photo 2013 Team Photos
Chris Wells just posted a photo 2013 Team Photos
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