Lincoln Abes Youth Football

2014 Regular Season Game

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4th Grade LA Youth Football
ANNOUNCEMENT: Off Season Work Out Dates (March-May)
Author: Chris Wells
Work outs dates are March 1 & 15, April 12 & 26, May 3 & 17 at First Creek Middle School from 2-3:30pm Coaches will be getting the kids together a couple times a month to work out and get a heads start on the season. These work
ANNOUNCEMENT: 2015 Lil Abes Football Registration
Author: Chris Wells
Just a reminder that returning players registration is open now through February 28, 2015. The registration paperwork can be found at under youth football tab. Any current 3rd grader (next years 4th grade team)can register now. Co
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Chris Wells just posted a news article Lil Abes Off Season Work Outs
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